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3 years agoA prostate massage is a wonderful way to maintain a proper prostate or perhaps to treat a swollen, painful Prostate supplement reviews gland. If you endure prostatitis, then you could use a special prostate massage technique to reduce the pain fast. You have to massage the prostate of yours daily or every two days to achieve best outcomes.

During the massage you just put the finger of yours into your rectum and put mild pressure on your prostate to drain the stored fluid that is causing the problems of yours. It appears easy but will not be. In reality, it’s likely that the fingers of yours are far too short or that you are not that flexible anymore to do the massage yourself.

In this instance you can use a special prostate massager. You place it on a chair, remain on it and make use of your very own body weight to perform the massage.

Do not get discouraged by the imagination of any prostate massage. It is very useful, nutritious and brings quick relief when done correctly. It is not abnormal to get it done and if you ask the doctor of yours, he will advise you to do it frequently.

Prostatitis is typically treated with medication though drugs are not powerful when the access is clogged. In this case the medications are unable to reach the affected area. This is where the prostate massage comes into play. If done correctly, the massage is able to drain the fluid that is stuck in the gland of yours.

The procedure may seem painful and odd although it’s not. Many report that the massage itself is usually rather enjoyable. The odds are low you are able to hurt yourself. Cut your finger nails and massage with gentle pressure and it will not do any harm. When your prostate is highly infected then you definitely should not carry out a massage as it is able to spread the bacteria.

It can also help to take a high dosage of vitamin C a day before you are doing the massage, about thousand mg. This is going to help make your urine even more acid and help to neutralize the substance. You should urinate following the massage to clean out the fluid. Drink one or 2 cups of water 30-60 minutes before you will do the massage.

Milking the prostate that way doesn’t any harm to your prostate. It may burn a little when the fluid leaks but it goes away rapidly and is not really hurt.

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