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Magnesium is usually overlooked as essentially the most deficient minerals in our diet today. Magnesium plays an essential part in some 300 chemical reactions in the entire body, including keeping healthy vision.

If you have already suffered from cramping, heart palpitations, twitching (including an eye twitch), anxiety, neck pain, irritable bowel and constipation, higher blood pressure, asthma and migraines, these may all be indications of a deficiency.

Health advantages of Magnesium

Health advantages of Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral associated with regulating cell energy metabolism with specific importance for skeletal and cardiac muscle. It forms an important part of the bones of ours and assists in calming sleek muscle — muscle not under mindful control, like the stomach, heart, oesophagus, eyes along with other organs — and constantly repairing body proteins.

Only 1 % of total body magnesium is found in the blood.

Only one % of total body magnesium is discovered in the blood.

The majority is found in the bones, muscles along with other soft tissues. A lot of the described symptoms can be eased or even eliminated by just offering for more magnesium in the diet of ours.

Magnesium helps to turn down blood pressure and sustain the typical cardiac rhythm.

What can lower the levels of yours of Magnesium?

Greatest Sources of Magnesium

Wheat bran, Wheat germ, Spinach, Cashews, Almonds as well as Oatmeal are all top sources.

Fact: Intravenous magnesium is widely used in clinics in life- threatening situations like trauma, cardiology and sightcare side effects (Thegoldenstar`s statement on its official blog) obstetrics.

9 months agoMagnesium & Eye Health

Fact: studies trace the incidence of cardiovascular disease and cardiac deaths to the amount of magnesium depletion caused by a diet regime as well as drinking water low in magnesium.2 years ago

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