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Dr. Hugh Jones of the University of Sheffield in England, reports that dealing with male type two diabetic patients with very low testosterone levels with replacement testosterone booster supplement (www.arlingtontimes.com) can easily lower insulin resistance. The boost to testosterone levels resulted in better management of blood glucose ranges. About a third of males that have type two diabetes have low cholesterol levels. A common genetic problem among type two diabetic males whose ancestors came from Ireland or Britain is iron overload, which gradually shrinks testicular tissue so that their testosterone levels fall. Lower testosterone levels occurs at the same time as increased blood sugars levels. Dr. Jones discovered that testosterone replacement therapy was not a magic cure for type 2 diabetes, but it usually lowered HbA1c levels by about 0.5 %. Low-dose testosterone treatment method also increases libido and sexual performance but it doesn’t improve the chance of prostate issues, as long as the testosterone injections and gels are taken as directed. Dr. Hugh Jones likewise reported that many of the patients of his dropped out of the analysis because of allergic reactions to his particular method. If insurance won’t pay for testosterone replacement therapy, type 2 diabetic males that have testosterone levels in the 200’s and lower, have an organic option. The herb extract chrysin won’t increase testosterone production, though it is going to help a male’s body to conserve testosterone. Like testosterone injection therapy or even gels, chrysin takes about six months to do the job, although it might reduce blood sugar levels even as it bolsters manly qualities.

Men with type two diabetes should not make an attempt to lift testosterone levels with androstenedione. This favorite supplement is proven to raise testosterone levels… but in women. One study discovered that taking no more than 300 mg of this supplement 1 day, might increase testosterone levels in older males. Unfortunately a comparable dose raises levels of estrogen in younger men. This’s a dietary supplement that men with type 2 diabetes are probably more well off leaving alone.

When carefully questioned, approximately 50 per cent of guys with type two diabetes will admit to difficulty with their sexual function. This particular trouble usually shows itself in the type of erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to possess or sustain an erection that is adequate for intercourse. Reasons besides insufficient production of the hormone testosterone include:

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