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After Hurricane Katrina, government officials created a wireless network around one of the city’s few remaining Internet connections. A city-wide blanket of coverage that’s open to everyone can look very different from a public safety network that will be open only to police officers and firefighters. Not just anyone can get on it, and it’s for public safety use only. Public safety networks also have additional options in the radio technology they use. Public safety personnel can do this as well, using secure, encrypted connections. If you’re out and about in a city with public access, you can probably do this with no extra equipment. Natural disasters and other catastrophic events can destroy a city’s communications infrastructure, from phone lines to fiber optic cable. This is another way that cities can see a return on their investment in the network — they save money on travel, equipment and fees paid for existing communications networks. Interested businesses respond to the RFP with a proposal that describes a plan for building and maintaining the network. The proposal also includes who will end up owning, running and maintaining the network — the city or the business. The city reviews all of the RFPs, then decides which proposal to accept.

Networks can also make city workers’ jobs substantially easier with applications like automated meter reading. Most service providers take this into account and provide the necessary equipment for free or for a fee, much like they do with DSL or cable modems. The physical structure of the network has to take the size and layout of the city, tree cover, landscape and other factors into consideration. It’s generally a fraction of the size of the final project, and it lets the city to make sure the network is right for them. Networks can make inexpensive Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls more practical, which can save money for people, businesses and the government. It plans the route that will make the fewest hops before reaching a wired connection or a backhaul node. When your data reaches a node that has a wired connection, it travels over the Internet until it reaches its final destination. Even if you repartition and reformat the drive, traces of data might be left behind. This is a lighter version of our trading app, allowing you to use it even on older phones while keeping the same functions and tools. Their argument was that competition between municipalities and the private sector was unfair or even illegal.

You can find out more about these plans through Wireless Philadelphia, the nonprofit organization overseeing the network. Most of its proposals incorporate radio transmitters on light poles throughout the city, which create the cloud of wireless signals. Radio antennas on tall buildings or towers also communicate to smaller antennas placed throughout the cloud. But if you’re trying to access the network from home, you may need a stronger radio and possibly a directional antenna. A pilot program is like a preview or a test run of a smaller version of the network. Businesses like ISPs and telecommunications companies objected to these plans. Different businesses’ proposals can also vary widely depending on the hardware and protocols they use. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of tunneling protocols over existing networks. This system has several advantages over the hubs and spokes of ordinary hot spots.

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